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Physical appearance and grooming are given primary importance in this image conscious world. Earlier when someone was not happy with his physical form or any kind facial feature then he could not do anything about it. On the contrary today if someone wants to change a facial feature, sculpt any part of his body according to his liking or even shed a few pounds in one particular body area, then it can all be done thanks to plastic surgery.

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Rhinoplasty, or “nose job“ is the term given to one such kind of plastic surgery wherein the shape or the size or both of the noses are changed. Many people are not satisfied with the shape, size or structure of their nose and they feel it impairs their facial features. Rhinoplasty can be undertaken to change the nose according to one’s desire purely for aesthetic purposes or to even correct a defect or dis-figuration due to any accident. Sometimes this kind of plastic surgery is even done to rectify defects which are causing breathing problems and thus affecting the sleep pattern of a person.

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Rhinoplasty is most definitely a surgical procedure which is done under the influence of general anesthesia. The patient will feel some amount of discomfort on awakening as this the case in surgery of any other kind. In this nose reshaping surgery the surgeon works carefully to separate the nasal skin from its supporting framework of cartilage and bone. This framework which is loosened from the skin is then designed in a new way according to what was decided by the patient prior to the procedure. The final step in this surgery is draping the skin over this newly designed framework to look one hundred percent natural.

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Another method of rhinoplasty involves the surgeon performing the procedure from inside the nose by making a small incision from the nostrils. It has also been seen that for really complicated cases, the surgeon has had to make an incision on the vertical strip of skin that separates the nostrils. However the method of the surgery, rhinoplasty is one form of plastic surgery or body re-sculpting surgery wherein most of the patients are extremely satisfied with the end result. This gives a boost to their confidence, self esteem and lets those live more fulfilling lives.

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Post surgery care involves the patient to wear a splint which helps the nose maintain its newly acquired shape. People who have undergone this surgery for breathing problem purposes nasal packs are place inside the nostrils to ensure easy breathing. A little swelling and bruising is considered normal which eventually subsides in two weeks time.

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